Hit Man Review: Glen Powell Shines In Richard Linklater Darkly Entertaining Crime Comedy

In the world of crime comedies, Hit Man by director Richard Linklater offers a fresh take. It stars the talented Glen Powell as a hitman dealing with action, love, and tough choices. While the movie may have its critics, Glen Powell’s performance stands out as a high point.

Glen Powell’s standout performance is the heart of the film. He moves between various roles flawlessly. The critic highlights Powell’s charm but also mentions odd dog scenes in the story.

Key Takeaways

  • Glen Powell’s standout performance is the highlight of the film, showcasing his versatility and comedic timing.
  • The film’s darkly comedic tone and blending of genres (crime, comedy, romance) offers a unique and refreshing take on the crime comedy genre.
  • Director Richard Linklater’s distinctive storytelling style and ability to subvert traditional tropes contribute to the film’s engaging and unexpected narrative.
  • The strong chemistry between Powell and his co-star Adria Arjona adds an additional layer of intrigue and emotional depth to the film.
  • Despite some mixed reviews, Hit Man is a noteworthy addition to Glen Powell’s rapidly expanding filmography, further solidifying his status as a rising star in Hollywood.

The Rise of Glen Powell

Glen Powell is making a name for himself in Hollywood. He’s starred in hit films like Top Gun: Maverick and Hidden Figures. Ever since his start with small roles on TV shows such as NCIS and Without a Trace, he’s been climbing to the top.

From Supporting Roles to Leading Man

Before his big break in 2022, Powell played minor parts in movies like The Dark Knight Rises and Expendables 3. His moment to shine came in Top Gun: Maverick. Playing the cocky rival of Tom Cruise, he really stood out. Audiences loved his charisma and talent.

Top Gun: Maverick’s Scene-Stealing Performance

His role in Top Gun: Maverick got him a lot of praise. Everyone loved how he matched up against Tom Cruise. This part made him a big deal. Now, people see him as a star who can lead in big movies.

Proving His Versatility in Hit Man

Hit Man, a dark comedy by Richard Linklater, was another chance for Powell to show what he can do. Critics loved how he could play many different characters and wear different faces in the movie. It really proved his talent and hard work in acting.

Glen Powell’s Standout Performance

Glen Powell Hit Man performance

Acting in Hit Man, Glen Powell shines with a standout role. Critics love his charisma and acting skill. He smoothly shifts between many characters and looks in the movie.

Powell’s wide range of acting stands out in his role. Critics praise his funny moments and how well he fits every role. He’s becoming a well-regarded Hollywood actor.

Powell’s acting work is the highlight of Hit Man, making it a must-watch for fans of crime comedy. He captures the audience with his performance. This has established him as a talented and versatile actor for the future.

Richard Linklater’s Unique Spin on the Crime Comedy Genre

richard linklater

Director Richard Linklater is quite the innovator in filmmaking. His movie, Hit Man, stands out. It mixes romance, humor, and thrills in a fresh way.

Blending Romance, Humor, and Thrills

Hit Man masters the mix between funny and suspenseful moments. Glen Powell and Adria Arjona’s characters share a sweet romance. The film’s clever humor makes the story interesting despite its dark theme.

Subverting Hit Man Movie Tropes

In Hit Man, Linklater flips hit man movie stereotypes on their head. Rather than a cold killer, we meet a hit man with depth. The film uses a different narrative style and tone, making it a unique watch.

Glen Powell shines in his role, adding much depth to the film. His performance brings the story to life. Hit Man is funny, dark, and thoughtful, showing Linklater’s talent at mixing genres.

The Chemistry Between Powell and Adria Arjona

glen powell and adria arjona chemistry

In the movie Hit Man, Glen Powell and Adria Arjona shine with their on-screen vibe. Critics love the way their characters’ relationship shows themes like sneaking and who people really are. They use a mix of charm and depth to tell a story within a story.

Sizzling On-Screen Rapport

There’s a real spark between Powell and Arjona on screen, making their scenes intense yet intriguing. Their shared scenes are both alluring and full of suspicion. The way they act together adds a layer of secrecy and excitement, making viewers lean in.

Exploring Deception and Identity

The movie’s core is about deceit and figuring out who you really are. Powell and Arjona play characters locked in a risky mind game, keeping their true selves hidden. Their nuanced acting makes the whole narrative richer, touching on the depth of human relationships.

Hit Man’s Darkly Comedic Tone

hit man dark comedy

In the world of Hit Man, director Richard Linklater mixes humor and dark morality. This blend makes the film stand out. It’s different from usual crime and thriller movies. Critics love how Linklater combines suspense with style, moving from funny scenes to serious issues easily.

Balancing Humor and Moral Ambiguity

Hit Man strikes a careful balance. It mixes its comedy and deep questions just right. Glen Powell and Adria Arjona shine in their roles, mixing genres smoothly. This creates both fun and something to think about.

Linklater is praised for how he surprises his viewers. He achieves a tone that’s both funny and tense at once. This mix lets the audience enjoy the funny parts while also pondering the deep moral issues at the story’s core.

Hit Man stands out by blending tone and style in a new way. It offers a fresh look at crime and thriller stories. Viewers get to explore tricky morality in personal and work struggles.

A Refreshing Take on the Romantic Comedy

At first glance, Hit Man seems like a crime comedy. But, director Richard Linklater mixes things up. He brings a new flavor to the romantic comedy by changing up the usual story patterns. Instead of the expected storylines, the film dives into relationships based on lies and mix-ups in a rich and engaging way.

Breaking Away from Clichés

Glen Powell and Adria Arjona really click on screen. But, their relationship is not what it seems. It’s full of secrets and mysteries, keeping viewers on the edge. This unconventional approach adds a layer of excitement, leaving us curious about the truth behind their relationship.

Linklater’s Unique Storytelling Voice

In Hit Man, Linklater’s unique style really shines. His work in the Before trilogy and Anybody But You prepared him for this. Through Hit Man, he mixes laughter, love, and ethical gray areas. This blend makes the film stand out, especially in how it handles ideas like identity, lies, and the hidden desires between the main characters.

Glen Powell’s Versatility on Display

Glen Powell wows in the crime comedy Hit Man. Critics praise how he easily switches between roles. They love how he puts on different disguises and becomes his characters.

Juggling Multiple Personas

In Hit Man, Powell shines with his acting range. He smoothly changes from a suave hitman to a clumsy look-alike. This shows his amazing adapt ability and acting transform.

Showcasing His Comedic Timing

Powell also rocks the comedy in Hit Man. Critics cheer for his funny scenes and how he keeps the story tense. His mix of comedy and performance proves his deep skill, making him a beloved chameleon in genres.

The Film’s Engaging Plot Twists

plot twists

Hit Man by Richard Linklater mixes crime, comedy, romance, and thriller in a unique way. It keeps viewers on the edge, waiting for what’s next. Critics love the surprises in the Hit Man story. These twists and turns break the usual hit man movie patterns, adding suspense and excitement.

Keeping Audiences Guessing

Glen Powell and Adria Arjona play characters caught in lies and confusion. This leads to twists in the story that truly shock. Linklater’s direction makes every surprise captivating. It ensures viewers will want to know the full story.

Your Name takes a unique look at connections and fate. It illustrates the bond between two people who, even though they’ve never met, affect each other’s lives significantly. Expect the unexpected in this heartfelt tale where time and love intertwine.

A Gripping Blend of Genres

Hit Man stands out by mixing genres smoothly. It combines crime, genuine comedy, and heartfelt romance into a single exciting tale. This makes the movie a real roller-coaster. Viewers experience something new and unexpected with every scene.

Star Glen Powell shines in Richard Linklater’s darkly entertaining crime comedy “Hit Man,” where Powell’s performance has garnered attention from CBS News and The Hollywood Reporter. Known for his roles on television and small roles in films like “Ride Along 2,” Powell, who played high school football and attended the University of Texas, has evolved from guest roles on shows like “NCIS” and “Without a Trace” to a star-making turn in this film. Powell’s filmography, which includes the comedy-horror series “Scream Queens” and the rom-com “Everybody Wants Some,” showcases his versatility. As his career, which began with minor roles, progresses, Powell talks about his journey and the romance between his character and Sydney Sweeney’s in “Hit Man,” a movie set for release on May 24. During the pandemic, Powell stayed busy with projects like the revenge thriller “Sand Castle,” released on Netflix, and gained further recognition with his breakout role. Now a notable figure in Hollywood, Powell’s path from university grad to a star, influenced by his executive coach Ed Limato and supported by mentors like Bill Paxton, highlights his rise in the film industry.

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In the end, Hit Man is a big win. It mixes crime, comedy, and love in a way that shows Glen Powell is a top actor. Director Richard Linklater shines with his unique way of telling stories. He blends crime and romance in a film that feels new and fun.

Glen Powell steals the show with his role. He and Adria Arjona show deep emotions in their acting. As secrets and identity tales unfold, the movie keeps you hooked. Linklater’s skill keeps the story exciting and mysterious.

Hit Man proves mixing genres can be powerful. It celebrates storytelling, human bonds, and great acting. If you love Richard Linklater, Glen Powell, or stories that mix crime and romance, you must watch Hit Man. It will leave you thinking long after it ends.


Q: What is “Hit Man Review” about?

A: “Hit Man Review” is a darkly entertaining crime comedy directed by Richard Linklater, where Glen Powell shines in the lead role.

Q: When was the movie “Hit Man Review” released?

A: “Hit Man Review” was released on May 24, 2024.

Q: What are some other notable works in Glen Powell’s filmography?

A: Glen Powell is known for his roles in “Everybody Wants Some!!”, “Ride Along 2”, and the comedy-horror series “Scream Queens”.

Q: Did Glen Powell have any significant guest roles before his movie career took off?

A: Yes, Glen Powell began his career with guest roles on television and small roles in films before landing leading roles.

Q: Which actors can be seen alongside Glen Powell in “Hit Man Review”?

A: “Hit Man Review” features actors such as Miles Teller, Sylvester Stallone, and Antonio Banderas sharing the screen with Glen Powell.

Q: Is “Hit Man Review” available on any streaming platforms like Netflix?

A: “Hit Man Review” may be available for streaming on platforms like Netflix for viewers to enjoy.

Q: What are some of Glen Powell’s talents and interests outside of acting?

A: Apart from acting, Glen Powell is known for his interest in space exploration, and he portrayed astronaut John Glenn in a movie.

Q: How was Glen Powell’s performance in “Hit Man Review” received by critics?

A: Glen Powell’s performance in “Hit Man Review” was praised by critics and audiences alike, showcasing his versatility as an actor.

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