Angela Aguilar And Christian Nodal Have Confirmed Their Relationship

In a special interview with HOLA! magazine, Mexican artists Angela Aguilar and Christian Nodal announced they are together. They talked about their story, saying it’s a journey that’s been on hold. But now, they’ve come back together and are excited about their future.

Nodal and Aguilar showed they are happy and filled with hope for their relationship. Their confirmation came after sharing small hints about their special bond. They’ve been private about their personal lives, but are now ready to share their happiness with the world.

Key Takeaways:

  • Angela Aguilar and Christian Nodal have confirmed their relationship in an exclusive interview with HOLA! magazine.
  • The couple described their relationship as “the continuation of a story that life made us pause so we could grow and miss each other.”
  • Nodal and Aguilar expressed excitement and hope for this new stage of their lives.
  • The confirmation comes after subtle hints about their closeness, as the couple had previously kept their personal lives discreet.
  • The relationship between the two Mexican singers has captured the attention of their dedicated fan bases.

The Revelation of a New Power Couple

Angela Aguilar and Christian Nodal are the new music power couple. They confirmed their relationship in an HOLA! interview. The pair first showed photos together, letting everyone know how happy they are. Nodal found love with Aguilar after breaking up with Cazzu.

Exclusive Interview with HOLA! Magazine

In their talk with HOLA!, Aguilar and Nodal couldn’t hide their joy. They talked about their love with big smiles. They looked so excited about their future together, sharing their story with the world.

Smiles and Excitement for the Future

Aguilar and Nodal, the new power couple of music, are full of smiles and excitement for the future. They revealed their love in the HOLA! interview. Everyone’s buzzing to see what’s next for them in Latin music.

Angela Aguilar And Christian Nodal’s Love Story

The bond between Angela Aguilar and Christian Nodal isn’t new. They see it as picking up after a pause. This view shows how deeply they value their relationship, which has faced many challenges.

A Continuation of a Paused Relationship

Aguilar and Nodal show us true love can wait. They found that their separation made their love stronger when they came back together. This time apart helped them grow and understand themselves better. And when they did, their relationship was even more solid.

Returning “Even Closer” After Growth

The story of Angela Aguilar and Christian Nodal is full of twists and turns. But through it all, their friendship has stayed strong. Their music, like the song “Dime Cómo Quieres” in 2020, built a deep connection that turned into love. Their path to each other wasn’t easy, but it’s made their love stronger.

The Timeline of Their Relationship

The story of Angela Aguilar and Christian Nodal has a deep connection. It all started with their work together and a growing friendship. This journey shows how their bond moved from collaboration to love, making them a famous couple in Latin music.

Collaborations and a Friendship Blossomed

In 2020, Angela and Christian came together for the song “Dime Cómo Quieres.” She was just 17, while he was 21. Their partnership began a strong friendship that later turned into love.

Nodal’s Breakup with Cazzu

Before Nodal and Aguilar found love, he dated Argentine singer Cazzu. After they broke up, Nodal and Aguilar’s story could start without old baggage. This allowed their relationship to begin without past issues, one step at a time.

Addressing Rumors and Clarifications

Angela Aguilar And Christian Nodal
Angela Aguilar And Christian Nodal

Christian Nodal spoke up about the talk around his romance with Angela Aguilar. He made it clear that he was faithful during his past love with Cazzu. Nodal noted that sometimes, love doesn’t succeed. Yet, he’s now enjoying a lovely new experience with Aguilar.

No Infidelity, Love Just Didn’t Work Out

Nodal wanted everyone to know the order of his relationships. He showed respect for Cazzu and how they ended things on good terms. He mentioned that love just didn’t work out before. But now, he’s thrilled with this new experience next to Aguilar.

A Beautiful New Experience with Angela Aguilar

Nodal and Aguilar’s love has made many wonder, but he explained things. He is enjoying this new chapter with Aguilar a lot. For him, it’s a beautiful experience rising from their friendship and shared music.

Cazzu Speaks Out on the Breakup

cazzu on the breakup

Cazzu, Christian Nodal’s ex, opened up on social media about their split. She said that “artists show what real life is like.” Together, they experienced love, heartbreak, wins, and losses.

She thanked her fans for their love during this hard time. Cazzu remains hopeful, knowing that time will heal this pain. Her words show the personal side of their famous breakup. They let fans see the journey both she and Nodal are on.

“Artists are a window into life’s ups and downs. Nodal and I shared love and pain, wins and losses. I thank my fans for their support – healing comes with time.”

Cazzu’s words highlight the struggles famous couples face. Even big names like her and Nodal can find love hard sometimes. She offers a positive view on what comes next, showing everyone that healing is possible.

Christian Nodal’s Previous Relationships

Before Cazzu, Christian Nodal was engaged to Belinda, a big name in Latin pop music. They dated for over a year. Nodal asked for her hand in marriage in May 2021. But, sadly, they broke it off in February 2022.

Brief Engagement with Belinda

Nodal’s relationship with Belinda started in 2020. Their engagement in May 2021 was widely talked about. However, their relationship couldn’t survive the obstacles of being far apart. They announced their break up in February 2022.

Becoming a Father with Cazzu

After parting ways with Belinda, Nodal found love with Cazzu in 2022. Their love story led to the birth of their daughter, Inti, in September 2023. Unfortunately, they broke up in May 2024.

Nodal’s past relationships, especially with Belinda and later Cazzu, influenced his life a lot. Now, with Angela Aguilar, these experiences guide his path in love and family.

Angela Aguilar: Following in Her Father’s Footsteps

Angela Aguilar is the daughter of Pepe Aguilar, a well-known Mexican singer. She is becoming a big name in the regional Mexican music world. Her strong voice and great stage presence make her a standout artist. Aguilar has won praise for her work in this musical style.

A Rising Star in Regional Mexican Music

Aguilar’s family deeply influences her music. She grew up listening to her dad’s legendary songs. This background has helped her fuse traditional Mexican music with her unique style. Fans of this genre really connect with her music.

Maintaining Family Ties and Traditions

Even with her own success, Aguilar stays close to her roots. She performs a lot with her father, Pepe Aguilar. She also talks about keeping her family’s music traditions alive. Her dedication to her family and culture has made her a role model in Mexican music.

Aguilar is also making waves with Christian Nodal in Latin music. Their work together shows the strong bonds in the Mexican music scene. Family and friends play big parts in their musical success. This is a key theme in their careers.

The Impact on Their Careers

impact on their careers

Angela Aguilar and Christian Nodal form a powerful couple in Latin music. Their connection is set to change both their career paths. It will likely lead to more music and collaborations, boosting their fame and creative work.

New Music and Collaborations on the Horizon

The success of Aguilar and Nodal’s past collaborations hints at more inspiring work ahead. Fans are excited for what they might create together next. This could bring fresh energy and innovation to regional Mexican music.

Navigating the Public Eye as a Couple

As both are well-known solo artists, handling their relationship in public is essential. They must find a way to keep their personal and professional lives separate. This balance will be critical for keeping fans engaged and the music world interested.

Fan Reactions and Social Media Buzz

The news of Angela Aguilar and Christian Nodal’s love has excited many. Fans are showing lots of emotions online. This includes joy, strong support, and lots of interest in their love story.

On social media and in public, fans are showing their love. They send happy messages and good wishes. Everyone is happy for these two stars from the Latin music scene.

Fans everywhere are chatting about them. Some are happy for the couple while others think about their careers. The excitement online keeps growing. Everyone looks forward to seeing more updates on their relationship and social media activities.

HOLA! magazine had a special chat with Angela Aguilar and Christian Nodal. It featured sweet photos of them. The pictures show Nodal kissing Aguilar’s neck. They also show the closeness and love the couple share.

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The photos give a sneak peek into Aguilar and Nodal’s relationship. They let fans see a side not often shown. The images reveal the true love and closeness between the singers, giving us a real look into their private world.

Image Description
Nodal tenderly kisses Aguilar’s neck, showcasing their affectionate connection.
Aguilar and Nodal appear lost in each other’s company, radiating happiness and intimacy.
The couple shares a warm embrace, highlighting their deep bond and emotional connection.


Angela Aguilar and Christian Nodal’s relationship news has taken the music world by storm. Their love, which they call a “paused relationship,” is now entering a fresh and thrilling phase for the singers.

Aguilar and Nodal are now a famous couple. Fans are excited to see how this impacts their careers and the Latin music scene. They hope for new songs, joint projects, and a shared vision for their music.

The road ahead might be tough, but Aguilar and Nodal are ready. They are excited to share their journey with fans. People can look ahead to seeing their love story grow over time.


Q: Who confirmed their relationship?

A: Angela Aguilar and Christian Nodal have confirmed their relationship.

Q: What are some common terms associated with this news?

A: Christian Nodal, confirms relationship, Angela Aguilar, Nodal and Angela

Q: What did Nodal write about his relationship?

A: Nodal wrote about their relationship being parents to their wonderful daughter, especially in their role as parents.

Q: How old is Julieta, the daughter of Nodal and Angela?

A: Julieta is a 20-year-old daughter of Christian Nodal and Angela Aguilar.

Q: When did Nodal and Angela confirm their relationship?

A: Nodal and Angela Aguilar confirmed their relationship recently with Hola magazine.

Q: Did Christian Nodal date Pepe Aguilar’s daughter before dating Angela?

A: Yes, Nodal was dating Pepe Aguilar’s daughter, Angela, when he was 17 years old.

Q: What was the response to Nodal recently breaking up before confirming his relationship with Angela?

A: Nodal’s recent breakup and new relationship with Angela Aguilar have been a topic of discussion.

Q: How did Nodal and Angela announce their relationship?

A: The time had come for Nodal and Angela Aguilar to share their relationship with the public through Hola magazine.

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