Home remedies for yeast infection in babies mouth


It can be due to lack of sleep, poor diet, biting their own skin inside the mouth, eating even junk food, allergy irritants, and sometimes it is due to deficiency of vitamins.


Can be another reason it can be genetic as well and sometimes there is no reason at all.

What are the preferred foods for a baby/kid who has a yeast infection in the mouth?

You must give a lot of water, coconut water and fluids like juices extra you can.

Give them which are very soft, bland, and easy to eat. Clean your nipple and baby's mouth daily.

Avoid these foods.

Avoid giving sweet food or highly spicy food, avoid hot food, and avoid junk food.

It can be treated with home remedies. Now we'll talk about home remedies.

Home remedies for yeast infection in babies mouth.

First you can use Holy basil (Tulsi) for kids, its have antibacterial properties. Grind four or five basil leaves and apply thrice a day.

Or, you can use Honey and melted butter (Ghee), mix them and apply 2 to 3 times a day.

Next you can also give curd or buttermilk, these are great home remedies for babies mouth infection.

And applying coconut milk or coconut oil to helps which will help with drying and keeping tender.

Most important

It is also important to recognize it and if it does not get better in a few days, it comes, again and again, then you should definitely consult a doctor.