10 Web Series & Movies On Finance To Watch With Friends And Learn

Recent years have witnessed an incredible surge in web series about personal finance. Not only entertaining but also educational, these series provide the ideal way to learn about budgeting and investing while having fun watching together with friends. From budgeting to investing strategies, these web series cover all sorts of topics while giving valuable insight into this ever-evolving field.

Many of these shows can also be found on popular streaming platforms, making them easily accessible to viewers. Watching shows with friends can make learning about finance more engaging and can even generate useful conversations about money management. So whether you are an experienced finance pro or just getting started in money management, why not explore some of the many web series on finance available online?

1. Scam 1992

Scam 1992
Scam 1992

Scam 1992, an entertaining web series following Harshad Mehta’s life and investments is an essential watch for those interested in finance or stocks and investments. Available to stream via SonyLiv, this adaptation of Debashish Basu and Sucheta Dalal’s book The Scam makes for compelling viewing!

Harshad Mehta made headlines in the early ’90s for his involvement in an extraordinary securities fraud that rocked Indian stock market. This series is both engaging and educational as it sheds light on workings of stock market and finance industry.

Watching Scam 1992 with friends can make the experience even more engaging, as you discuss and debate its characters and events portrayed. Overall, it should be required viewing for anyone interested in finance and investing.

2. The Big Short

The Big Short
The Big Short

The Big Short is an outstanding web series that provides an in-depth exploration into the world of finance. A must-watch for individuals eager to understand more about its inner workings, leading up to 2008 financial crisis, this web series provides both educational value and entertainment simultaneously. It makes an ideal option for an evening in with friends.

The series, based on Michael Lewis’ book of the same name, follows multiple investors as they predict and capitalized from the housing market crash. It provides an engaging way to learn complex financial concepts while improving one’s understanding of how our system operates. The Big Short should be part of anyone’s educational toolbox in improving financial literacy and understanding its workings.

3. Billions


Billions is an online series that depicts the complex world of high finance and those who manage it, from hedge funds and insider trading to corporate raiding and corporate raiding. Not only is the show entertaining but it can also provide insight into this aspect of business life.

Billions stars Bobby Axelrod and Chuck Rhoades as two captivating protagonists that provide great opportunities to explore their motivations and actions, as well as give us an intriguing peek into Wall Street and finance in general.

Viewing Billions with friends can be an ideal way to increase knowledge about finance, while exploring its themes and issues raised. Overall, Billions is an essential web series for anyone interested in finance or business.

4. Boiler Room

Boiler Room
Boiler Room

Boiler Room is an online series that has rapidly gained in popularity among finance enthusiasts around the globe. Similar to a talk show format, experts from financial industry are invited to discuss various topics related to finances, investments and entrepreneurship with viewers – providing both informative and entertaining viewing. It makes an ideal show for sharing among friends.

Boiler Room experts cover a broad spectrum of subjects from investing basics to advanced trading strategies, making the show suitable for viewers of all experience levels. Viewing Boiler Room can be an engaging and informative way to learn finance in an entertaining and engaging manner.

Boiler Room’s hosts are knowledgeable, and do a fantastic job at breaking down complex topics into easy-to-understand language. Overall, Boiler Room is an entertaining web series that provides invaluable financial education.

5. Wall Street

Wall Street
Wall Street

Wall Street, a web series that delves deep into the world of finance, is a fun show to watch with friends and learn more about its inner workings. It follows a young stockbroker as she strives to break into this tough industry – exploring its many complex corners including stock market trading, insider trading and corporate greed – but that’s only half the story!

This show is not only entertaining but also educational, making it the ideal choice for anyone interested in finance. With relatable characters and an intriguing plotline that’s easy to follow along, this series should not be missed by any potential or experienced investors alike!

6. Inside Job

Inside Job
Inside Job

Inside Job is a web series that gives viewers an in-depth view into the world of finance, through both entertaining and informative episodes. Ideal for watching with friends, Inside Job provides a valuable opportunity to learn and discuss its complex concepts.

Inside Job is presented in an engaging and enjoyable fashion, making it accessible to people of all backgrounds. From novice to expert level finance learners alike, Inside Job offers something for everyone. So grab some popcorn, gather up your friends, and come learn about this fascinating world of finance!

7. The Wizard Of Lies

The Wizard of Lies
The Wizard of Lies

The Wizard of Lies is an engaging web series that gives an insightful peek into the world of finance and investment. Anybody interested in these topics must watch this series!

The series draws its inspiration from the real-life account of Bernie Madoff, an ex-stockbroker and investment advisor who orchestrated one of the largest financial scams ever committed. The Wizard of Lies provides an excellent portrayal of all aspects of finance through engaging and thought-provoking storytelling.

This series offers an excellent way to gain insight into the inner workings of finance and investment, and is an engaging conversation starter between friends. Watch it together and discuss everything from investment strategies to ethical quandaries in the industry; The Wizard of Lies should not be missed by anyone looking for deeper knowledge in these subjects!

8. Margin Call

Margin Call
Margin Call

Margin Call is an engaging web series that delves deep into the exciting world of finance. If you want something that will both entertain and inform about its intricate workings, then Margin Call should be at the top of your viewing list. With stock market, investment banking and risk management coverage as well as much more.

Margin Call provides an engaging look into the impact of the financial crisis on Wall Street and how it affected those working within its industries. Boasting an engaging storyline, great acting talent, and realistic depictions of finance world, Margin Call is a must-see series which will both inform and entertain its viewers.

Watching it with friends can provide an exceptional learning experience, enabling you to discuss and debate various financial concepts presented on the show. Overall, Margin Call is an outstanding web series sure to enthrall and educate audiences interested in finance.

9. Rogue Trader

Rogue Trader
Rogue Trader

Rogue Trader Are You Searching For An Entertaining and Engaging Way To Understand Finance? Rogue Trader may just be what’s needed! This web series follows a young trader as they attempt to make it big in finance.

As Rogue Trader navigates his way through the industry, viewers gain invaluable knowledge of trading, investing and financial markets. What sets Rogue Trader apart from other finance shows is its ability to make complex concepts easily digestible for viewers.

Rogue Trader provides valuable lessons for both seasoned investors and novices alike. Plus, its fast-paced plot and captivating characters make Rogue Trader the perfect show to watch with friends who share your interest in finance – so grab some popcorn, settle in, and get ready to learn something new!

10. The Wolf Of Wall Street

“The Wolf of Wall Street” is an immensely popular web series on finance that has won wide acclaim and attention. An ideal show to share with those interested in finance and investing, its narrative draws heavily upon Jordan Belfort’s true life story as an infamous stockbroker in the 90s.

This series follows Belfort from his humble beginnings to his ultimate downfall due to illegal and unethical practices, providing both entertainment and educational insight into finance and investing.

“The Wolf of Wall Street” is an excellent way to gain knowledge about stocks, securities, and other essential financial instruments essential for investing. Overall, “The Wolf of Wall Street” should be watched by anyone interested in finance; watching with friends provides a fun opportunity to spend quality time while simultaneously learning something new!


Watching web series on finance with friends is an engaging way to learn about finance in an entertaining and fun manner. A wide variety of web series cater specifically to this niche, covering everything from personal finances and investments through to trading and trading strategies. Watching these series together can lead to conversation-starters that help foster personal and collective financial development and growth.

These web series on finance are specifically created to keep viewers entertained, making learning about finance less daunting and more engaging. Overall, web series about finance provide an excellent way to both learn more about this field as well as stay abreast of recent trends and topics in the industry.

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