7 Scary Horror Stories That Will Keep You Up All Night

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If you enjoy getting scared and having sleepless nights, there’s nothing quite like a good horror story. We have gathered seven bone-chilling tales that are guaranteed to give you nightmares. Well, maybe. Or maybe not. Do you dare to read them? Let’s find out if you have the courage!

1. The Expressionless

The Expressionless

Let’s travel back to 1972 when something eerie happened at Los Angeles Cedar Senai Hospital. A peculiar-looking woman entered the premises, earning the nickname “Expressionless.” She had flawless skin like a mannequin, no eyebrows or hair, and a mouth full of blood, making horrifying sounds. The hospital staff attempted to provide her with medical care, but the outcome was dreadful. They all died within three decades, despite being in their mid-50s during the terrifying incident.

“The Expressionless” is a bone-chilling urban legend that reminds us to be cautious and wary of strangers, always treating them with suspicion.

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