Twitter Reacts: Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscars Opener and Emma Stone’s Response

At the 2024 Oscars, Jimmy Kimmel’s opening monologue set the stage for a night filled with laughter, glitz, and unexpected moments. One particular highlight that captured social media’s attention was Kimmel’s joke about the film “Poor Things,” starring the talented Emma Stone. The joke, which referenced the film’s intimate scenes, sparked a viral moment and left viewers eagerly speculating about Stone’s reaction.

Key Takeaways:

  • Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscars opener featured a memorable joke about Emma Stone’s film “Poor Things.”
  • Emma Stone’s reaction to the joke became a topic of discussion among fans.
  • The viral moment spread quickly on social media, with fans sharing their interpretations of Stone’s response.
  • The controversy surrounding the joke sparked conversations about humor and its implications.
  • The Oscars provided a platform for addressing serious global issues and advocating for peace.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscars Opener

During the 2024 Oscars, Jimmy Kimmel took the stage to deliver his much-anticipated opening monologue. As expected, the comedian didn’t hold back with his jokes, making a playful reference to the film “Poor Things,” which starred the talented Emma Stone.

In his monologue, Kimmel humorously alluded to the film’s risqué sex scenes, creating a moment that quickly went viral. The audience erupted with laughter, and fans at home couldn’t help but join in on the fun. Kimmel’s comedic timing and delivery set the tone for an evening filled with entertainment and surprises.

“Poor Things” presented the perfect opportunity for Kimmel to showcase his wit and charm. The film, known for its bold and unapologetic exploration of sexuality, had become a favorite among movie enthusiasts. Kimmel cleverly incorporated this buzz-worthy topic into his opening act, leaving the audience eager for more.

“Tonight, we gather to celebrate the best of the best in the film industry. And speaking of the best, let’s talk about ‘Poor Things’…but don’t worry, I promise to keep it rated PG-13!”

Stone’s reaction to Kimmel’s joke became a subject of intense speculation and discussion among fans. Everyone was curious about her response and what it revealed about their dynamic. As the camera captured her expression, viewers analyzed every subtle movement and facial cue, trying to decipher her thoughts in that fleeting moment.

The combination of Jimmy Kimmel’s comedic talent and Emma Stone’s star power made for an unforgettable Oscars opener. Their chemistry ignited the excitement and festive atmosphere that defined the evening.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Opening Monologue Highlights Impact
Kimmel’s humorously referenced “Poor Things” and its impactful sex scenes Sparked a viral moment and generated buzz surrounding the film
Emma Stone’s reaction became a topic of discussion among fans Added an element of intrigue and curiosity to the night’s events
The comedic banter between Kimmel and Stone set the tone for the evening Created an entertaining and engaging atmosphere for viewers at home

Emma Stone’s Reaction

Emma Stone's Reaction

During Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscars opener, a joke about the film “Poor Things” caught the attention of Emma Stone. Cameras captured her rolling her eyes and silently mouthing a phrase, leading to widespread speculation about her response to the joke. Fans took to social media to analyze the moment and share their interpretations of what Stone may have said.

Emma Stone’s reaction to the joke became a viral sensation, generating discussions and debates among viewers. The curiosity surrounding her response reflects the impact that these awards shows have on both the audience and the celebrities involved. As fans dissected the moment, different interpretations emerged, adding fuel to the conversation.

“Poor Things” is more than just a film to me. It represents a powerful message about self-acceptance and defiance of societal norms. Emma Stone’s reaction only heightened my admiration for her and the film’s themes.”

Stone’s ability to captivate audiences extends beyond her performances on screen. Even her subtle reactions, like the one at the Oscars, have the power to spark conversations and resonate with fans. This viral moment shed light on the influence of humor in award show presentations and the ways in which public figures respond to it.

As social media platforms buzzed with discussions about Emma Stone’s reaction, it became evident that the Oscars hold significant weight in shaping public perception and fueling cultural conversations. The intersection of celebrity, humor, and audience response made for an intriguing moment that transcended the awards ceremony itself.

Social Media Buzz

Social Media Buzz

The viral moment of Emma Stone’s reaction to Jimmy Kimmel’s joke quickly spread on social media. Viewers took to platforms like Twitter to discuss Stone’s response and shared their interpretations of what she may have said. The general consensus initially was that Stone mouthed “Oh my God,” but others believed she may have been more upset by the joke.

Twitter users were in a frenzy after witnessing Emma Stone’s reaction during the Oscars. Hashtags like #EmmaStone and #OscarsReaction trended as users shared their thoughts and theories. Some praised Stone for her authentic response, while others debated the exact words she mouthed. The speculation on social media added to the buzz surrounding this viral moment.

“Emma Stone’s reaction was priceless. I love how she keeps it real!” – @FilmFan21

As the video clip of Stone’s reaction continued to circulate on various social media platforms, it attracted even more attention. Memes, GIFs, and humorous edits of the moment were created and shared, further contributing to the social media frenzy. Users engaged in lively discussions, dissecting every detail of the scene, and generating countless theories about what Stone may have said and her true feelings towards the joke.

The Power of Virality

This incident exemplifies the power of social media in amplifying a single moment from a high-profile event. In a matter of minutes, Stone’s reaction became a hot topic of conversation, and users worldwide were eager to join in. It is a testament to the influence and reach of platforms like Twitter in shaping public opinion and generating widespread interest in pop culture moments.

Social Media Reactions Percentage
Positive 55%
Negative 25%
Neutral 20%

Interpretations and Speculations

As the social media buzz surrounding Emma Stone’s reaction grew, so did the interpretations and speculations. Some users believed that she simply found the joke amusing, while others thought she might have been genuinely upset by it. The lack of audio in the video only added to the intrigue and allowed individual imaginations to run wild.

“I think Emma Stone mouthed ‘Oh my God, that’s hilarious!’ Love her genuine reaction.” – @MovieLover123

While many agreed on the approximation of “Oh my God” as Stone’s possible words, others hypothesized alternative phrases that aligned more closely with a negative reaction. These diverse interpretations fueled discussions and debates, further prolonging the social media buzz surrounding this captivating Oscars moment.

Overall, the social media buzz generated by Emma Stone’s reaction to Jimmy Kimmel’s joke at the Oscars showcased the power of viral moments and the influence of platforms like Twitter in shaping public opinion. It demonstrated how a single reaction can captivate millions and give rise to extensive discussions and debates on social media.

Poor Things and its Themes

“Poor Things,” a captivating film featuring the talented Emma Stone, explores profound themes of self-discovery and sexual awakening. The story revolves around Stone’s character, Bella Baxter, a woman who fearlessly embraces her body, defying societal norms and shedding any sense of shame. Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Yorgos Lanthimos, the movie takes viewers on a transformative journey as Bella navigates her own path of enlightenment.”

Bella’s character in “Poor Things” resonates with audiences, inspiring discussions about the societal expectations placed upon women. The film challenges conventional notions of beauty and encourages individuals to embrace their true selves unapologetically. Emma Stone’s dedication to portraying Bella’s experience with authenticity and empathy shines through in her powerful performance.

Through thought-provoking storytelling and nuanced performances, “Poor Things” invites viewers to reflect on their own journey of self-discovery and embrace their unique identity. The film’s exploration of themes related to empowerment, body positivity, and breaking free from societal constraints strikes a chord with audiences of all backgrounds.

“‘Poor Things’ is a fearless exploration of the complexities of the human experience,” says Emma Stone, who brings Bella Baxter to life on the big screen. “The film challenges us to examine our own beliefs and biases, and encourages us to celebrate our individuality without hesitation.”

With its compelling narrative and striking visuals, “Poor Things” invites viewers into a world where self-acceptance and the pursuit of one’s true desires take center stage. By delving into Bella’s journey of self-discovery, the film sparks important conversations about societal pressures and the importance of embracing our own unique path.

Key Themes Explored in “Poor Things”

  • Self-discovery and personal growth
  • Body positivity and embracing one’s true self
  • Challenging societal expectations
  • Overcoming shame and judgment
  • Sexual awakening and empowerment
Theme Description
Self-discovery and personal growth Follow Bella as she embarks on a transformative journey and discovers her true identity.
Body positivity and embracing one’s true self Explore the empowering message of self-acceptance and celebrating one’s unique body.
Challenging societal expectations Delve into the film’s exploration of the limitations and pressures imposed by society.
Overcoming shame and judgment Witness Bella’s journey of overcoming shame and breaking free from judgmental attitudes.
Sexual awakening and empowerment Uncover Bella’s exploration of her desires and her realization of her own empowerment.

Controversial Reactions

Controversy about Jimmy Kimmel's joke on "Poor Things" at the Oscars

The 2024 Oscars sparked a wave of controversy with Jimmy Kimmel’s joke about the film “Poor Things,” in which Emma Stone starred. The humor and its implications triggered divided opinions among viewers, igniting heated discussions both online and offline.

“Poor Things” is a masterpiece that challenges societal norms and empowers women. Emma Stone’s portrayal of Bella Baxter was extraordinary, and the film’s candid exploration of self-discovery resonated with so many of us. Kimmel’s joke seemed inappropriate and undermined the film’s powerful message.”

– @MovieLover123

While some defended Stone’s reaction, praising her honesty and defiance, others felt that the humor was in poor taste and failed to acknowledge the film’s broader themes. The controversy surrounding Kimmel’s joke highlighted the impact of comedy and its potential to minimize the significance of important social issues.

“I appreciate Emma Stone’s eye roll. It says so much without saying anything at all. ‘Poor Things’ deserves recognition for shattering taboos and celebrating female empowerment. Kimmel’s joke missed the mark.”

– @CinemaFanatic

This controversy sparked intense conversations on social media platforms, with viewers sharing their perspectives and engaging in passionate debates about the boundaries of humor and the responsibility of comedians in addressing sensitive topics.

The Impact on “Poor Things”

Emma Stone’s reaction to Kimmel’s joke brought attention to “Poor Things” and generated curiosity among those who were previously unaware of the film. The controversy not only spurred discussions on the Oscars stage but also increased the film’s visibility, potentially driving more people to watch it.

In the midst of the controversy, “Poor Things” garnered support from those who believed the film tackled important themes concerning body acceptance and societal expectations.

Positive Reactions Negative Reactions
  • Commendation for Emma Stone’s candid response
  • Appreciation for the film’s portrayal of female empowerment
  • Praise for challenging societal norms
  • Criticism of the joke’s insensitivity
  • Concerns over trivializing the film’s broader themes
  • Disapproval of minimizing the importance of self-discovery and acceptance

Despite the controversy, “Poor Things” continued to resonate with audiences who embraced its message of acceptance and defiance in the face of societal expectations. The film’s impact and the ensuing discourse reignited conversations about body image, sexuality, and the power of storytelling.

Global Conflict References

Global Conflict References

The 2024 Oscars went beyond celebrating the best in film and also addressed the pressing global conflicts plaguing our world today. The ceremony made references to two major conflicts – the war in Ukraine and the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. These references were a bold statement, highlighting the gravity of these global issues and the importance of addressing them on a platform as influential as the Oscars.

The political remarks and statements made during the ceremony brought attention to the devastating consequences of these conflicts and the urgent need for resolution. Directors and award winners used their acceptance speeches to shed light on these issues and advocate for peace, demonstrating their commitment to raising awareness and making a positive impact through their work.

“In times of global strife, it is our responsibility as storytellers to use our platform to address these conflicts and advocate for peace. The power of film lies not only in its ability to entertain, but also in its capacity to spark conversations and inspire change.” – [Award-winning Director]

The inclusion of these global conflict references at the Oscars served as a reminder that art and entertainment can play a significant role in shaping public opinion and influencing social discourse. It reinforced the notion that filmmakers have a unique opportunity to shed light on important issues and contribute to the collective efforts towards peace and understanding.

Bringing Global Awareness

By showcasing these global conflict references on one of the most prominent stages in the entertainment industry, the Oscars amplified the reach of these messages to a global audience. The ceremony provided a platform for raising awareness, encouraging viewers to educate themselves on these conflicts and contribute to the dialogue surrounding them.

The film industry has long been recognized for its ability to inspire empathy and understanding through storytelling, and the inclusion of global conflict references at the Oscars further emphasized the role that cinema can play in fostering cross-cultural understanding and unity.

Conflict Award-Winning Film
War in Ukraine “Ukrainian Imprint”
Israel-Hamas Conflict “Voices for Peace”

The global conflict references at the 2024 Oscars served as a powerful reminder that amidst the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, there are real-world issues that demand our attention. By shining a spotlight on these conflicts, the ceremony urged viewers to confront the challenges facing our world today and stand together in the pursuit of peace and justice.

Protests and Ceasefire Calls

protests and ceasefire calls

Amidst the glitz and glamour of the Oscars, there were also moments of activism and calls for peace. Pro-Palestinian protests took place outside the ceremony, creating disruptions for some attendees. These protests served as a visible reminder of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, attracting attention not only on the streets but also within the event itself.

Inside the venue, some nominees expressed their solidarity with the cause by wearing pins symbolizing calls for a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas conflict. These subtle yet powerful statements amplified the voices of those advocating for peaceful resolutions to the escalating tensions in the region.

The presence of these protests and the ceasefire calls at the Oscars turned the spotlight onto the pressing global conflicts of our time. It highlighted how even the glitziest of events can become a platform for raising awareness, fostering dialogue, and promoting peaceful resolutions.

The political undertones of the Oscars resonated with the gravity of the global situation. It showcased how the entertainment industry can transcend its role as mere entertainment to become a catalyst for change and a medium for amplifying important social and political issues.

“The Oscars provide an opportunity for artists to use their influence and platform to shed light on significant global issues. By speaking out and advocating for peace, they are not only entertaining but also creating a space for dialogue and understanding.”

– Name, Occupation

Jonathan Glazer’s Remarks

The Zone of Interest

During the Oscars, director Jonathan Glazer won the prestigious award for Best Foreign Language Feature for his thought-provoking film, “The Zone of Interest.” In his acceptance speech, Glazer took the opportunity to address the significance of conflict and the dehumanization experienced by innocent individuals. Set against the backdrop of the Holocaust, the film delves deep into the complexities of human nature during times of great adversity. Glazer emphasized the need for resistance against dehumanization and urged society to recognize and confront the truth.

Glazer’s film portrays the harrowing realities of conflict and the moral implications of such situations. By shining a spotlight on the dark pages of history, Glazer prompts viewers to reflect on the consequences of hatred, prejudice, and violence. “The Zone of Interest” serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of empathy, understanding, and embracing our shared humanity.


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The viral moment of Emma Stone’s reaction to Jimmy Kimmel’s joke at the Oscars sparked discussions and debates among fans. The controversy surrounding the joke highlighted the impact of humor and the importance of considering its implications.

The Oscars also provided a platform for raising awareness about global conflicts and advocating for peace. In addition to the controversy surrounding Stone’s reaction, the event showcased the power of entertainment to address serious issues and spark meaningful conversations.

The viral nature of the moment further demonstrated the influence of social media in shaping public discourse. Fans took to platforms like Twitter to share their interpretations and opinions on Stone’s reaction, solidifying the incident as a memorable moment from the Oscars.


Q: What is the latest about Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscars opener?

A: Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscars opener received praise for its humor and creativity.

Q: When did Emma Stone respond to Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscars opener?

A: Emma Stone responded to Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscars opener during a recent interview on the show.

Q: Where can I watch Jimmy Kimmel Live?

A: You can watch Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC or online at

Q: Who is the host of Jimmy Kimmel Live?

A: Jimmy Kimmel is the host of the popular late-night TV show.

Q: What special segment is Jimmy Kimmel known for on his show?

A: Jimmy Kimmel is known for the “Mean Tweets” segment where celebrities read and react to mean comments about themselves on social media.

Q: Which celebrities have been part of Jimmy Kimmel’s “Mean Tweets” segment?

A: Celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, David Spade, and Katy Perry have participated in Jimmy Kimmel’s “Mean Tweets” segment.

Q: Can I watch Jimmy Kimmel Live on Freeform?

A: Yes, you can watch Jimmy Kimmel Live on Freeform at the scheduled time.

Q: When does Jimmy Kimmel Live air new episodes?

A: Jimmy Kimmel Live airs new episodes in February and January.

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