Dua Lipa’s Bar Bathroom Nap After Fun Day With Seth Meyers

During an interview on “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” Dua Lipa revealed an amusing and unexpected incident that occurred during a day of drinking with the talk show host. Lipa shared the story of how she ended up falling asleep on a bar bathroom floor, providing an entertaining update to fans and followers eagerly awaiting news of her adventures. This incident has become known as Dua Lipa’s bar bathroom nap and has captured the attention of social media users across the globe.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Dua Lipa fell asleep on a bar bathroom floor after a day of drinking with Seth Meyers on “Late Night.”
  • The incident has gained attention on social media, with fans sharing and finding humor in the relatable situation.
  • Lipa described feeling cozy and comfortable during her bar bathroom nap, despite the less-than-ideal location.
  • She woke up confused and disoriented, with no recollection of how she ended up in her bed.
  • The incident became a topic of conversation during a debriefing Facetime call with Seth Meyers.

The Day Drinking Segment with Seth Meyers

Dua Lipa and Seth Meyers had a blast during a day drinking segment on “Late Night.” Lipa, known for her vibrant personality, revealed that she considers herself a good drinker, but the shots they consumed during the segment took her by surprise.

During the segment, Lipa and Meyers indulged in shots of various liquors, including gin, vodka, rum, and tequila. The combination proved to be more potent than Lipa anticipated. However, instead of switching to water to pace herself, she decided to stick with the liquor, leading to her eventual need for a break. The laughter and merriment of the day drinking segment landed her in an unexpected place – the bar bathroom.

While the shots certainly added to the laughter and high spirits of the segment, Lipa’s decision to forgo water ultimately took its toll. Feeling the effects of the alcohol, Lipa sought solace and relaxation in the bar’s bathroom, where she eventually dozed off.

“Drinking with Seth Meyers was a hilarious and unforgettable experience. I thought I could handle it, but those shots really got to me. It was a wild time, and I ended up needing a little nap in the bar bathroom!”

The Cozy Bar Bathroom Experience

Despite the less-than-ideal circumstances, Dua Lipa described feeling comfortable and cozy while sleeping on the bar bathroom floor. She mentioned that the bathroom was not a luxury bedroom, but it somehow felt comfortable in that particular moment. The incident occurred after Lipa had a smoke break and started feeling dizzy.

Waking Up Confused and Disoriented

dua lipa waking up confused and disoriented

After an eventful nap on the bar bathroom floor, Dua Lipa woke up in her bed feeling disoriented and with no memory of how she got there. The haze of the alcohol-induced slumber left her confused and searching for answers. But one thing was clear—she needed to figure out what happened during those lost hours.

As Lipa gradually regained her senses, fragmented memories emerged. She vaguely recalled her assistant rushing to her aid, acting as a guardian angel in her moment of vulnerability. Amidst the haze, she heard her assistant urgently instructing the security team to bring a wheelchair, perhaps an allusion to the extent of her disorientation and physical state upon awakening.

Emotionally and physically drained, Lipa compared herself to a rag doll—an apt simile to describe her state of being, lacking control over her own movements and consciousness.

Despite these fleeting memories, a significant portion of Lipa’s post-nap experience remained a blank slate. The sensation of waking up in her bed replaced the scene of her nap on the bar bathroom floor, leaving her with a lingering question: “What happened during those lost hours?”

Debriefing with Seth Meyers

Dua Lipa and Seth Meyers Debriefing Image

After Dua Lipa’s abrupt exit from the day drinking segment, she and Seth Meyers had a FaceTime call to debrief and discuss the incident. Meyers shared that he received multiple messages during the break, indicating that Lipa needed more time. However, he was surprised when he was eventually informed that she had left.

The conversation between Lipa and Meyers allowed them to reflect on the experience and share their reactions to the unexpected turn of events. They discussed the shots they had consumed, the atmosphere during the segment, and the overall hilarity of the situation. Despite the abrupt exit, Lipa and Meyers maintained a light-hearted and humorous tone during their debriefing.

“It was definitely unexpected, but we had such a great time during the segment,” exclaimed Lipa during the FaceTime call. “I still can’t believe I fell asleep in the bar bathroom! Who does that?”

Meyers laughed and replied, “It was definitely a memorable moment. We’ll have to plan another day drinking segment soon, but maybe we’ll make sure there’s a comfier place for you to rest next time!”

Lipa’s Revelation on Late Night

Dua Lipa disappeared during the day drinking segment

At the end of the day drinking segment on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Dua Lipa made a startling revelation – she could “barely see straight.” As the segment concluded, a message appeared on the screen, explaining that Lipa needed more time to get ready before ultimately disappearing. This unexpected turn of events became a major talking point during Lipa’s appearance on the show.

The day drinking segment with Seth Meyers had been filled with laughter, surprises, and a few too many shots. Lipa, known for her ability to hold her liquor, found herself in a tipsy state after consuming an array of beverages. The combination of late-night antics and copious amounts of alcohol had taken its toll, causing Lipa’s vision to blur and her senses to waver. She amusingly remarked that she could “barely see straight,” showcasing her lighthearted nature even in such situations.

“I have to say, Seth, I could barely see straight,” Lipa shared with a chuckle during the interview on “Late Night.” “It was such a whirlwind of a day, and the drinks definitely added to the fun frenzy.”

The revelation of Lipa’s impaired vision and need for additional time to prepare left both the audience and Seth Meyers intrigued. The momentary disappearance of Lipa added an air of mystery to the episode. Fans speculated about what she might be doing behind the scenes and eagerly awaited her return.

In true Late Night fashion, the show embraced the unexpected turn of events. The anticipation and curiosity surrounding Lipa’s disappearance added an extra layer of excitement and engagement for the viewers. It served as a reminder that even in scripted moments, anything can happen, making for an entertaining and unpredictable television experience.

Twitter Reactions:

“Did Dua Lipa disappear into a secret late-night party? We need answers!” -@musiclover2000

“Dua Lipa proving that day drinking can have its consequences, but it’s all part of the fun! Can’t wait to hear the full story.” -@partyqueen

Instagram Comments:

  • “You had us all on the edge of our seats! Can’t wait to see what happens next. #DuaLipaOnLateNight” -@musicluvr17
  • “The queen of late-night surprises! Love you, Dua!” -@lipastan
  • “Dua Lipa disappearing is the plot twist we never knew we needed. Bravo!” -@tvaddict

The revelation of Dua Lipa’s impaired vision and subsequent disappearance added an extra layer of excitement and intrigue to the day drinking segment on “Late Night.” It showcased Lipa’s ability to bring unexpected twists to the screen and left viewers eagerly awaiting her return. The incident sparked a wave of social media reactions and further solidified Lipa’s reputation as a charismatic and captivating entertainer.

Lipa’s Memories and Post-Nap Buzz

post-nap buzz

After waking up from her bar bathroom nap, Dua Lipa was filled in by her assistant on the events that transpired. She had a post-nap buzz and struggled to recall what happened. Lipa mentioned that she had a vision of her assistant telling her security to get the wheelchair, but her memories were hazy. The experience left her confused but also amused when she looked back on it during the interview.

The Aftermath:

Upon waking up from her impromptu nap on the bar bathroom floor, Dua Lipa was greeted by her assistant who provided a detailed account of the events. Although groggy, Lipa experienced a post-nap buzz that added an unexpected twist to her memories of the incident. Recollecting the moments leading up to her nap proved challenging as her recollections were fragmented and foggy.

“I remember seeing my assistant in my hazy vision, telling security to get the wheelchair,” Lipa shared during the interview.

Despite the confusion, Lipa couldn’t help but find amusement in the situation she found herself in. Reflecting back on the incident during the interview, the post-nap buzz added a unique sense of humor to the overall experience.

The Unforgettable Day Drinking Segment

Dua Lipa Day Drinking Segment

The day drinking segment on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” proved to be an unforgettable experience for the talented artist, Dua Lipa. Despite the unexpected turn of events and her subsequent nap on the bar bathroom floor, Lipa reflected on the segment with her characteristic humor and candor during her interview. She recognized that the incident added an amusing and memorable twist to the day drinking episode, leaving behind a lasting impression on both her and the audience.

During the segment, Lipa and Meyers indulged in a variety of shots, including gin, vodka, rum, and tequila. The lively atmosphere and the undeniable chemistry between Lipa and Meyers set the stage for what turned out to be a delightful and unexpected adventure.

“I couldn’t believe how the day drinking segment took an amusing detour,” Lipa laughed during her interview. “Who would have thought that I’d end up taking a cozy nap on the bar bathroom floor? It’s definitely a day drinking experience I won’t forget!”

The entertaining and unexpected twist captivated audiences around the world, as Lipa’s bar bathroom nap quickly went viral. Social media buzzed with humorous comments and shared posts, elevating the segment’s popularity to new heights. Despite the unusual turn of events, Lipa’s ability to find humor in the situation and her willingness to share her experience endeared her even more to her fans.

Overall, the day drinking segment on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” showcased Dua Lipa’s spontaneity, infectious personality, and her undeniable ability to turn any situation into a memorable moment.

Lipa’s Revelations on her Drinking Ability

Dua Lipa drinking shots

During the interview, Dua Lipa playfully proclaimed herself as a skilled drinker, despite being taken aback by the shots consumed during the day drinking segment. The selection of shots included gin, vodka, rum, and tequila, which undoubtedly had an impact on Lipa’s alcohol tolerance. This unexpected outcome became a lively topic of conversation during their interaction.

It’s worth noting that Lipa’s ability to handle alcohol and the subsequent effects it had on her added an entertaining twist to the day drinking segment. As an acclaimed singer and performer, Lipa’s revelations about her drinking ability added another layer of intrigue to her public persona.

Unanticipated Consequences

“I thought I was a good drinker,” Lipa admitted, “but those shots really got me!”

Indeed, the segment served as an eye-opener for Lipa, who clearly underestimated the potency of the shots. Her candid confession about the unexpected effects resonated with viewers and emphasized the relatable nature of the situation. It served as a reminder that even those with a reputation for their ability to handle alcohol can occasionally be caught off guard.

The Shots that Surprised

Let’s take a closer look at the shots that contributed to Dua Lipa’s memorable day drinking experience with Seth Meyers:

Shot Type Alcohol
Gin Shot Gin
Vodka Shot Vodka
Rum Shot Rum
Tequila Shot Tequila

These shots, typically known for their potent nature, clearly took Lipa by surprise and prompted her unexpected bar bathroom nap. The combination of different liquors undoubtedly played a role in Lipa’s eventful drinking experience.

The Aftermath and Viral Moment

dua lipa bar bathroom nap

Following Dua Lipa’s unexpected bar bathroom nap, the incident quickly became a viral moment on social media. Fans and followers were captivated by the humorous and relatable nature of the situation, leading to widespread sharing and engagement. Lipa’s nap in the bar bathroom garnered significant attention, further amplifying her already prominent presence on social media platforms.

“The incident of Dua Lipa falling asleep in a bar bathroom became a hilarious sensation on social media. People found the situation amusing and shared their own stories of bar mishaps, creating a sense of camaraderie around Lipa’s relatable experience.”

The viral moment surrounding Dua Lipa’s bar bathroom nap showcased the power of social media in amplifying unexpected and entertaining incidents. The incident not only generated buzz and engagement but also solidified Lipa’s connection with her online community.

Key Takeaways
The incident of Dua Lipa falling asleep in a bar bathroom went viral on social media.
Fans and followers found humor in the relatable situation and shared the story.
Lipa’s nap in the bar bathroom added to her already popular presence on social media platforms.


Dua Lipa’s unforgettable bar bathroom nap during the day drinking segment with Seth Meyers left fans amused and provided an unexpected turn of events. In her interview, Lipa reflected on the incident with humor, acknowledging the amusement it brought and maintaining her contagious enthusiasm. The story of her falling asleep on the bar bathroom floor quickly gained attention on social media, solidifying her presence in the industry.

Despite the surprise and unconventional nature of the nap, Lipa’s ability to find comfort and coziness in an unexpected place showcased her adaptable nature. Her willingness to share the experience and her lighthearted approach to the situation added to the buzz surrounding her career, further captivating her audience.

Lipa’s reflection on the incident shed light on her ability to find humor in unexpected circumstances. The bar bathroom nap became a memorable moment, illustrating Lipa’s authenticity and ability to connect with fans beyond her music. With her poised and relatable demeanor, Lipa continues to cement her position in the industry as both a talented artist and a captivating personality.

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Q: What is the latest news about Dua Lipa’s bar bathroom nap after a fun day with Seth Meyers?

A: Dua Lipa was recently spotted taking a quick nap in a bar bathroom after a fun day with Seth Meyers in New York last month.

Q: Can you provide more details about the incident involving Dua Lipa’s bathroom nap?

A: Upon returning to the bar, Dua Lipa reportedly felt dizzy, and later in the day, she decided to take a 45-minute nap in the bathroom due to the dizziness. She mentioned that everything felt comfortable and that she was later able to continue with her day.

Q: When did this incident with Dua Lipa take place?

A: The incident with Dua Lipa taking a nap in the bar bathroom occurred last month in New York.

Q: Was the incident related to Dua Lipa’s work or a specific project?

A: The incident occurred after a fun day with Seth Meyers in New York last month, suggesting that it was not directly related to a specific project or production team.

Q: Were there any reports of Dua Lipa’s health or well-being being affected by this incident?

A: Dua Lipa mentioned feeling dizzy before taking the nap, but upon waking up, she felt better and continued with her day.

Q: How did Dua Lipa describe her feelings and experience during the incident?

A: Dua Lipa expressed that everything felt comfortable during the nap and that she was able to get back on track after her rest.

Q: Was Dua Lipa’s nap in the bar bathroom a cause for concern among her fans or the public?

A: There were speculations and concerns raised by people regarding Dua Lipa’s well-being after the incident, but she assured that she felt fine afterward and continued with her day later.

Q: Did Dua Lipa address any specific reasons for feeling dizzy or needing to take a nap?

A: Dua Lipa did not explicitly address any specific reasons for feeling dizzy, but she mentioned that everything felt comfortable after her nap.

Q: How did Dua Lipa’s band or production team react to the incident?

A: There were no specific reports on how Dua Lipa’s band or production team reacted to the incident in the bar bathroom.

Q: Did Dua Lipa comment on the incident or express any particular sentiments afterward?

A: Dua Lipa mentioned that everything felt comfortable after her nap and expressed her determination to continue with her day and activities.

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