All You Need To Know About Couple Therapy

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Is your relationship going through a rough patch? Do you find yourselves arguing over small things with your spouse? If so, couple therapy might be just what you need. Don’t worry, seeking help from a couple therapist is nothing to be ashamed of. The good news is that they can help address and resolve any issues you have with your partner, and even rekindle the love and passion between you.

Before you jump to conclusions about whether couple therapy is right for your complicated personal life, it’s important to understand what it entails. You might have imagined therapy sessions filled with heated arguments, deep-seated secrets being revealed, and uncomfortable discussions like you see on TV shows. But that’s not entirely true. It’s not like what you see in dramatic TV series.

The first session of therapy is usually an introductory one, where the therapist will ask you about the challenges you’re facing as a couple. During this session, the therapist not only gets to know you better but also observes how you both communicate, how well you coordinate with each other, and if there are any specific subjects causing tension or conflicts. They also aim to identify the issues that are causing problems in your marriage.

In reality, the therapist isn’t just assessing the individuals sitting in front of them. They are actually trying to understand the unique entity that is your relationship, which is separate from the two individuals present in the room. It is this dynamic of your relationship that they focus on and aim to work on and heal.

1.Don’t think of the therapist as a referee who decides who’s right or wrong in a situation. They don’t take sides or help one partner change the other. Instead, they help the couple do what’s necessary to strengthen and stabilize their relationship.

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