8 Fastest Cars In The World Right Now

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Cars are becoming faster at an astonishing pace, which can be quite scary. When cars were initially created, they could only reach speeds of around 30-40 mph. Nowadays, it seems like every car on the market can hit that speed in just the first ten seconds of your drive.

Since we’re interested in the fastest cars out there, let’s focus solely on those that can reach speeds of 200 mph or more. However, I must emphasize that many of these cars may not be affordable or safe for the average driver. Remember, safety should always be a priority!

SSC Tuatara

This car has faced its fair share of controversy. It was once crowned the “world’s fastest car” when it reached a speed of 316 mph in late 2020. However, it was later discovered that there was a GPS error, and the actual top speed was around 268 mph. That’s a significant difference! It’s hard to imagine such a big mistake, pretending not to notice being off by a whopping 50 mph.

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